Managing board

Since 2012, Machiel van der Plas and Jan de Mooij jointly form the management of HERMON Erfgoed. Both gentlemen have years of experience in complex redevelopment projects and transformations of (inner) urban areas.

In 2012 they decided to take over HERMON B.V., the legal predecessor of HERMON Erfgoed. Their common credo is: Let Heritage Revive.

J. (Jan) de Mooij

Jan de Mooij (1966) is director-owner and within HERMON Heritage he is primarily concerned with strategy & policy, finance, investor relations and Advisory Council. After his studies at the Higher Economic School and Higher Management at Nyenrode Business University, he worked as:

  • Director Blauwhoed Eurowoningen Zuid West B.V.;
  • Director Heijmans Real Estate, West;
  • Commercial Director Proper-Stok Groep.

He also holds various additional positions such as:

  • Member of the Rotterdam Economic Council;
  • Commissioner FIGI Group;
  • Commissioner Stadsherstel Historisch Rotterdam.
Director Jan de Mooij

ir. M. (Machiel) van der Plas

Machiel van der Plas (1965) is director-owner and primarily focuses on strategy & policy, innovation, investor relations and project development within HERMON Heritage. After completing his studies Structural Engineering, Real Estate Development in 1997 at the Technical University of Delft, he started working for various companies. He has worked as:

  • Partner at Hylkema Consultants;
  • Real Estate Manager at NS Vastgoed;
  • Commercial Manager Housing at Ballast Nedam;
  • Commercial Manager At Amstelland Vastgoed.
Director Machiel van der Plas

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