Our team

The HERMON Heritage team consists of management, project leaders, support staff and the secretarial office. The core values of our team are expertise, versatility, honesty and a solution-oriented approach. And above all, passion for monuments.

Managing board

Machiel van der Plas is the CEO of HERMON Heritage. he have years of experience in complex redevelopment projects and transformations of (inner) urban areas.

Machiel van der Plas

Managing board

  • Machiel van der Plas (CEO).

Commercieel manager

  • Natascha van der Doorn.

Project Supervisors and -Members

  • Marie-Lousie (Marlous) de Bordes;
  • Laura Bredenhof;
  • Tim Habets;
  • Miranda Huijs;
  • Sonja Verdouw – van der Voort.


  • Jill Weimar.

Communication and PR

  • Theis-Jan Goudswaard.

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Visiting address

Zinzendorflaan 1
3703 CE Zeist
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The Netherlands

Mailing address

Postbus 5
3700 AA Zeist
The Netherlands


CoC: 09 217 136
VAT: NL821.986.260B.01
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