Method and craftsmanship

HERMON Erfgoed has a high level of expertise in the area of ​​re-use of monumental buildings. We can take care of the entire redevelopment process such as the renovation and maintenance.

We offer unique expertise in all facets of the re-use of monuments

HERMON Heritage

We have many years of experience in mapping the technical possibilities for construction, providing healthy financing, completing the permit procedures and marketing and managing monuments.

Since February 2019, we have been able to engage our operating company HERMON Bouw B.V. that is committed to the renovation work of our projects. HERMON Bouw has been established to guarantee the high quality that we demand of our re-use projects. With the establishment of HERMON Bouw, HERMON Erfgoed is increasingly becoming an all-round redeveloper.

We redevelop, build, manage and invest in national monuments and strive to revive our national heritage.

Visiting address

Zinzendorflaan 1
3703 CE Zeist
(Slot Zeist)
The Netherlands

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Postbus 5
3700 AA Zeist
The Netherlands


CoC: 09 217 136
VAT: NL821.986.260B.01
Operating companies

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